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Founded in 2018 in Alpine Utah, Stable Wear creates high-quality equestrian apparel for those who need clothes to work as hard as they do!

We believe your clothing should be as strong and enduring as you are. In a demanding sport, our clothing has high expectations. Our clothing needs to be durable and comfortable while also allowing us to feel confident in ourselves. Here at Stable Wear, we are dedicated to providing high quality and comfortable apparel for every budget. 

Kathie Salimbene Ellsworth grew up on a farm in rural Western NY. As the youngest of 8 kids, she learned the value of hard work and dedication. Her mother introduced Kathie to horses when she was three years old when the first family pony threw her off. That didn’t deter Kathie though, she was hooked from that moment on. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, she developed a special bond with multiple horses. Her fondest childhood memories are of taking a nap in the paddock with her first two equine loves, Nuni and Thunder, and having contests with her brother "who can stay on Nuni the longest" ( He could get us off in the most unique ways)!


Kathie started Stable Wear when her daughter started competing on the A-Circut. She struggled with the inaccessibility and expensive price tags she discovered in equestrian sports, and was compelled to make a difference. She started Stable Wear with a single pair of riding tights and the rest is history.

She now caters to the AA rider and those who just wanna ride!

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